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Courses offered Fall & Spring 2013-14

Art I

This course is designed to give students an overview of the arts and experience with a variety of media. Students will work with drawing media, create artworks with watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paints; create three dimensional sculptures, and fill a sketchbook with drawings notes and journals. There is no prerequisite and no prior art experience is necessary.


Art I supplies: Scissors, two black sharpie markers, chunky white eraser, 1 medium size bottle of white school glue, regular water based markers,2  no. 2 pencils, one large piece of white poster board, spiral bound sketchbook (at least 80 pages)*Parents please note that the most important item on this list is a spiral bound 8x10 or larger sketchbook. These are available at Waymart,Hobby lobby, Michaels, Office depot, Target, Staples, and Alabama Art Supply [Downtoner blvd. Mobile] . Most supplies are available at dollar tree and other inexpensive outlets. A box labeled with the student's name should hold all supplies.

Art II

Art II is an advanced course that builds competency in mediums introduced in Art I and encourages independent creative thought and problem solving skills in the art student. This course is a significant step up from the work in Art I and is designed for the more serious art student. Students work on projects that are open ended and have multiple solutions. Students create an altered book as their sketchbook/journal/notebook of artists, art history, and art terms. An old hard-bound book that has at least 140 pages and is at least 8"x10" needs to be  brought in by August 13. [students may want a variety of markers, pens, stickers, papers, etc. to help embellish their altered book- these can be added to supplies later] 

Supplies: 2-3 sharpie markers, 1 set of 12 prisma colored pencils [be careful not to purchase "Veri-thins" prismas as the lead in these is too hard to blend], 4 glue sticks, two large sheets of white poster paper, white chunky eraser, no. 2 pencils, 1-2 black ink pens, and a box to hold all supplies with name of student affixed. We will use an old book to create our 'altered sketchbooks' this semester- please bring a book that is close to or larger than 8 1/2" x 11" and at least 180 pages. Coupons for a 40% discount at Hobby Lobby are often available at - this could help with the purchase of Prisma Pencils. Also Alabama Art supply on Downtowner Blvd. in Mobile offers Art students discounts. simply tell the cashier you are a student at SFHS. Prismas may be purchased in sets or loose. 10 loose pencils in basic colors are plenty.[be sure to purchase a white prisma]